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Celeste and Mary Louise in Court Part 2 - Big Little Lies S2E07

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What are the names of Celeste's twin boys? Big Little Lies by Lian ( people answered this)

Share this page:. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. Madeline Martha Mackenzie 14 episodes, Celeste Wright 14 episodes, It's very complicated and very emotional reaching a jarring climax when Celeste shares a home video of Perry beating her up that her sons secretly recorded , and it gets into the dynamics of growing up in violent home.

It's clear that Celeste's biggest concern isn't her own happiness, but that her sons, Max and Josh, grow up to be good men — better men than their father. In the end, Celeste proves that she can and should keep her boys, and Mary Louise heads back to San Francisco, grandchildren-less. I wonder if the boys will have any residual judgements of their grandma in their adult life knowing that she tried to take them away from their mom and the only home they've known.

A lot to unpack with Dr. Amanda Reisman Robin Weigert in the next session. Jane Chapman.

Screaming? Crying? Confessing? How will Big Little Lies end?

Jane probably had the best ending, as Shailene Woodley teased at the beginning of the season. She gives Corey Douglas Smith another chance, and the two finally have sex. It is sweet. And Ziggy Ian Armitage is also more in tune with his emotions that I will ever be. I think he'll be a good influence on his brothers.

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It's not all smiles though. Jane did have to stomach a particularly grueling scene in the courtroom when Mary Louise calls Perry the victim of their violent night together. This poor woman has had to talk about the worst night of her life so much this season — I hope she's done for awhile now. Madeline Martha Mackenzie. Madeline and Ed Adam Scott are taking a shot at a new beginning by renewing their vows. Things are magically fine?!