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There is no time to protect you. Go, go, my girl. You must turn to the forest, as your mother did all those years ago. The terrors that lurk in there are less likely to hurt a little girl. Grabbing together handfuls of potion bottles and dried roots.

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The Shaman created a hasty survival pack of sorts, in a small hand woven satchel. The clinking noise between the bottles was as loud as the cannon fire beginning to erupt along the beach and Cetilla knew she would rather face the dangers of the jungle alone, than draw attention to herself with that knapsack. Tears were welling up once more as he looked down on the niece that he had raised as much as his brother.

This tree is all but dead now. You must be safe, little acorn. Fly, you beautiful creature you. Cetilla wished she could fly. She was adventurous, of that there was no doubt. But in a calculated way. The odds were usually always in her favour. But this night, they were not. They were only in favour of the men pouring freely from the bellies of large warships, all beached across the sand in the high tide.

She cursed the Great Lady in the sky. Cursed her and her kin for sending that buggering gift to her people. The night had shone with a great orange glow as a phoenix came to roost on the volcano just one moon past. Eighty people had lost their souls to the Great Lady by dawn. It was the size of a ship, that glistened with gems and jewels only the gods could smith. Dark grey flakes fell from the stone, like the shedding of a snakes scales. Through smoke that still smouldered hours after its coming to our world, the Chief had emerged from the fog with his face ashen white.

Cetilla breathed in the night. Wood was burning. Gunpowder salted the air with its metallic tinge. The smell of death began to slink its way across the sand as a company, no more than twenty strong, of the broad shouldered, dark haired savages came barrelling towards the palace, like a bullet from their ships guns. An arrow of boiled leather and sharp swords. The young princess inhaled the stink that was her country under siege once more, and then stepped form the balcony.

There was no vine to catch. No plan to help her survive. She had to put all her faith in the Great Lady who had already forsaken Cetilla so much that, as she fell, she decided the goddess in the sky owed her one.

The God-Stone War

She landed with a sickening crash on the banana leaves. Splintered wood now stained with blood coddled the princess as she sat amongst the rubble, dazed by the shock of having the wind taken from her so violently.

She felt out through her body, no stranger to the odd tumble, and made sure there was nothing broken. She trusted her uncle so implicitly that it was a shock when she realised what she had done. Could she not have went out through one of the many tunnels burrowing outwards through the palace? With fortune, she rooted around the knapsack her uncle had given her and saw that none of the potions had smashed in the descent.

More falling balls of cannon fire were launched from the ship and down on the small array of guards that and been sent to defend the gaping hole in the volcano. They held themselves well for men more used to laying under the hot sun and drinking by massive bonfires that lit up the beaches during festivals, like beacons of beautiful, flickering flame. Armed only with spears, Cetilla watched as they danced and spun, darted and jabbed with their rough made weapons. They had no shields and the armour seemed only to hinder their fluid movements, making them slower and more vulnerable targets for the great long swords and heavy styles employed by the savage horde.

A war horn called out high over the steady beat of drums. A ship, twice as large as any other in the attacking fleet, was gracefully making its way towards the bloodied beach. A storm had begun in the fighting. Large lashings of lightening came pouring from the sky, pillars of terrifying light that made the black clouds of their moorings shine and the rain they accompanied, sparkle.

Thunder followed their more flashy friend and drowned out the sound of steel clanging against steel. Some of the more astute guards had picked up the weapons of their defeated adversaries. Unskilled in their use, they gave themselves a better chance of piercing the unholy skin of whatever beast had been culled to fashion their armour.

Smaller boats descended from their mother on the near horizon. The drum beats steadily reclaimed the air that the thunder had stolen from them and the war horn called like a frightened mule once more.

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The attackers, plainly winning the foray, pulled back. In stunned gratitude the guards of Ceryn fell to their knees and thanked the moon, who was only staring at herself, so vainly above. She slid like a shadow along the mountains base, keeping to the darkness and blending herself into the stone. She was thankful that she had changed from her usual pink attire, into a more neutral and camouflaged pale blue.

But she knew she must get to her father and leave this awful island as soon as they could. Short of breath and still unseen, she slipped behind a group of archers who, for a reason Cetilla could not fathom, were standing outside the main doors to the dormant volcano, and closer towards her father. She saw a large shade stepping from one of the small rowing boats. It jumped as soon as it was free of his mighty weight and seven other, not as large yet still fearsome, men grouped around him.

Cetilla was disappointed, as only a young girl can be when faced with such danger. Seller Inventory APC Transcendence and Rebellion. Manning, United States Manning, United States, Matthew is the first human wizard to possess the true heritage of the Illeniels, a secret gift no one fully understands. Alone, he travels to another world, seeking the source of their mysterious enemies.

There he will discover the origin of their ancient foe, the mysteries of the past, and possibly the future of humankind. If he can survive long enough. In a land beyond death and suffering, he finds the true source of evil, within the heart of humanity, and their newest creation. In the search for knowledge, some doors, once opened, can never be closed. Condition: Good.

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Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ From the dark depths of the past, comes the tale of the first wizard of Illeniel. Daniel Tennick lived simply, a young shepherd with few troubles and little to occupy his mind, until the warden appeared. Daniel's power awakens, and he finds himself hunted by the servants of the cruel and uncaring forest gods. Trapped by his gift, Daniel will uncover the secrets of the deep woods and those who live there, a civilization created from the grave of an older one.

What he discovers will light a vengeful flame within him, consuming everything he touches. The Mountains Rise. About this Item: Condition: As New.

go here Unread book in perfect condition. About this Item: Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. Shipped from UK. Unabridged edition. Brand new. Mordecai's simple life as the son of a blacksmith is transformed by the discovery of his magical birthright. As he journeys to understand the power within him he is drawn into a dangerous plot to destroy the Duke of Lancaster and undermine the Kingdom of Lothion.

Love and treachery combine to embroil him in events he was never prepared to face. What he uncovers will change his understanding of the past, and alter the future of those around him.