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Member Log-In. E-mail address. Remember me. Account recovery. You are in page, help us by providing your feedback on different features. Select feature Accessibility Type Metadata. Select feature Registration Log-in Account recovery Profile customization. Meanwhile, Jenny's working out that Lindsay didn't leave them, "It was us … we left him.

While Lindsay rings every G. Roberts in the phone book and advertises for anyone knowing the whereabouts of - but gets no reply to his box number - Carol is off at the CES in Melbourne looking for a job. At his nursery job, Lindsay suddenly experiences a black out and topples to the ground. When Carol returns, Jenny demands her bike, and she knows why she can't have it, it's because Daddy gave it to her. An enraged Carol races over to her: "You little brat … how dare you speak to me like that.

You'll get your bike when we get a place to live in, okay!? Jenny says she hasn't got a job yet and she'll probably never get one, and races into the bedroom. That's when Gaynor suggests that Carol take the easy way out and talk to Steve about a job. The nursery boss where Lindsay works, Des Ormonde Terry Gill , expresses concern to Lindsay - it's his second collapse in a week, but Lindsay says he'll be all right.

Meanwhile, Carol is reluctant to consider a job in a massage parlour. Gaynor tells her to try it for one night - "like going on a blind date, really. Lindsay gets a note from a private investigator, Saunders John Murphy in his post box assuring him they'll be able to locate his dear ones, and after crumpling up the letter, Lindsay has second thoughts. Carol turns up at The Golden Palm massage parlour with Gaynor, and Lindsay asks Des for time off so he can spend some time in Melbourne.

Gaynor warns Carol that Steve is likely to turn up and pay for a go. Carol is astonished … does she mind? At the PIs, Saunders tells Lindsay he can probably find mum and child for him, but Lindsay's mum Grace tells him that it's money down the drain. Carol explains to Jenny that she's got a job as a "sort of hostess", which makes her late all the time, but she can't show Jenny where she works.

And about Steve … Gaynor finishes the thought for her … "Great, isn't he? As Jenny turns up to a new school, we discover that Lindsay is stalking schools looking for a Jenny Grey …. Meanwhile, Jenny is writing a letter to Lindsay giving her address, and when Carol asks about it, Jenny pretends it's homework. When Carol asks to see, the truth is revealed and Carol flings the crumpled letter into the rubbish bin.

Jenny is struggling at school, to the consternation of her teacher Miss Carter Diana Greentree , while Carol fails to give a disappointed male client Alan Lovett the sort of happy ending he was expecting. While a song about wearing no knickers plays on the telly, Gaynor asks Steve to get his stuff out of the house, at least while Carol and Jenny are around, but he says it's as safe as a bank. At the brothel swimming pool, Gaynor makes out with a Hercules Paul Fifield as a muscled footballer , while Carol picks up Jenny, who is immediately distracted when she sees Lindsay driving through Albert Park in the truck.

Jenny races after him, out into the street in front of a car, which manages to brake in time.

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Jenny and Carol shout at each other about the whereabouts of Daddy, and Jenny calls Carol a liar, saying Daddy wants her more than Carol does, and Carol lets fly with a slap across Jenny's chops. Jenny hops into a tram, leaving a helpless Carol behind, while Lindsay gets agitated with his useless PI Saunders, demanding his money back. Jenny has made it to Flinders Street station, and hops on a train to the Dandenongs.

Gaynor advises Carol to sit tight, and heads off to the brothel to fill in, leaving Carol to wait - Jenny has money and she knows the way to the flat and she will turn up, Gaynor assures Carol. That night, Jenny arrives in her old home, watched by the sugar gliders in the tree. Gaynor returns to discover Carol has already phoned the police and they'll be there in fifteen minutes - shit, she says, they're wonderfully efficient when you don't want them to be. Carol tells the cops what happened, and then Gaynor says she thinks she should tell the plods about Lindsay ….

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Meanwhile, Lindsay lurches to a cab, telling the driver he's sick and needs to get to a hospital. While the cops plan a raid on Steve and his assets, a doctor Jillian Murray tells Lindsay that pain is nature's warning bell, and they need to do a few tests. The cops pull their raid on Gaynor's flat and Steve, while up in the hills, Mal has alerted the local cops to the presence of Jenny in her old home. When asked what she's doing there, Jenny explains to sergeant Thompson taht she was waiting for daddy.

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She tells the cop that her mum is dead - when in fact she's been frisked as part of the drugs bust. The cops soon find Steve's stash, and give him a thump to keep him quiet while they bust him. Coppers Blake and Moore turn up to get Jenny and her bike and bring her back to town, while a welfare officer Louise Le Nay advises Carol that they'll be sending the child to a home. Jenny immediately turns into a difficult child, when the home's matron Meg Clancy tells her she'll have to share her bike, and Jenny smashes a vase and wrecks the joint in anger.

She wants her daddy. The welfare officer turns up at the hospital to interrogate Lindsay about Carol and her behaviour as a mother. Lindsay asks if the court were to decide that Carol should lose Jenny whether there was any way he might be able to apply to take care of the child, but the welfare officer says there isn't. Lindsay checks himself out of the hospital to go and see Jenny at the welfare home. The matron notes the child has been most uncooperative, very difficult indeed. Back at the hospital, a nurse is explaining to Lindsay's mum that he's signed himself out.

There's a tearful reunion between Jenny and Lindsay at the children's home, where she says she saw him in the street at Albert Park … and begs him to take her with him. Called to the home, Sgt Blake says there's no history of violence or mental illness in Lindsay … "maybe he just adores the child. Meanwhile, the escapees stop at a supermarket for provisions, and then Lindsay tells Jenny they're going on a holiday. Back at Gaynor's, Carol is saying she can't believe Lindsay would do something like that.

Lindsay and Jenny make it to Des Ormonde's holiday beach shack. When she asks if they'll get into trouble, Lindsay says they might, a bit, but Jenny says it'll be worth it, won't it, and he says it will. That night Lindsay shows Jenny the Southern Cross constellation and the star Antares in the sky, while the next morning policewoman Moore asks Mrs Fenton where her son might be … while the doctor is also on hand to explain that her son unfortunately has a malignant glioma … "as time goes on, he'll suffer more and more intense migraines.

His vision's already blurred, and the doctor admits it's an inoperable brain tumour, but there's treatment and ways of lessoning the burden for him. A fisherman Peter Hosking notices the resemblance of the pair to a photo in the newspaper attached to a story about an abducted girl. The cops arrive shortly after …. Jenny is back at the home and flinches away from Carol - Jenny feels like she's in jail and dad soon will be - while Lindsay is actually getting a cup of tea served up to him in bed by his mum. His mum Grace awkwardly explains that Dr Brynes came to see her while he was away and they sent the results of the tests and Lindsay knows it's some sort of cancer.

Mum: "Yes … they can treat it … that is, make it easier for you. Lindsay tells her he's not going back to hospital and she's not to stay with him nursing him either.

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At the children's home, Lindsay presents with the gun, and calls Jenny to him. The cops chase the truck around Melbourne's roads with a view of Port Phillip bay and in the heat of the pursuit, Lindsay picks that moment to have a fainting fit. Jenny grabs the wheel and steers for him. They go off road and crash through assorted obstacles, one pursuing cop car picks up a flat tyre, Lindsay recovers, another cop car gets a wheel bogged, Lindsay's truck crashes through locked gates, and the truck ends up racing along the flat ground under the West Gate Bridge.

Out in the bush with the whip birds, Lindsay and Jenny have set up a camp, with tent, as up above a chopper flies overhead. They duck under the camouflage that's hiding the truck. Back at the camp, Lindsay's rubbing his head and not eating his food, and Jenny tosses the tinned sausages into the bush for the goannas. At Gaynor's flat, Carol's wondering if she should have married Lindsay, at least for Jenny's sake, and broods about the lost relationship and whether she could have made it work.

At the camp, Lindsay and Jenny are talking about the dark - he once told her it was sort of soft and friendly, and like a great big blanket, and he gently tells her that dying must be like that too. Jenny says it might be like going to sleep, only never waking up ….

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Jenny: "The kids at school used to say he wasn't. That it was all a big story.

Jenny Kiss'd Me (Schindler, Kurt)

Lindsay: "I think perhaps He's … different things to different people… what's important is that most people would like to think that He's real. There's somebody up there looking after them. Jenny: "They used to tell us how you came back as something else.

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  4. There's a word …". Jenny: "Something like that. You could even be an animal, or a bird. Do you believe that? That night Lindsay is suffering and popping pills and Jenny is worried. She puts her hand on his knee to comfort him, saying she'll look after him.