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Chuck has his own eye set on Fran Kubelik, a waitress in the company cafeteria whom he's always admired from a distance. While talking together she wonders if she will ever find someone to share her life with. Chuck hopes that she might notice him "You'll Think of Someone". Sheldrake, the company's powerful personnel director, notices the glowing reviews written by Chuck's superiors and deduces the reason for them. He requests sole use of the apartment for his affairs in exchange for Chuck's long-awaited promotion and tickets to a basketball game "Our Little Secret".

Promises, Promises

In the revival, the song "I Say a Little Prayer For You" was added for a scene in which Fran tells female workmates about flowers she has received from a new "mystery individual". Chuck asks Fran to attend the basketball game with him, and she agrees to meet him there after first having a drink with her soon-to-be ex-lover "She Likes Basketball". Fran's lover turns out to be the married Sheldrake. Fran wants to end the relationship, but Sheldrake talks her into spending the evening with him "Knowing When to Leave".

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Though Fran stands him up, Chuck forgives her. When he informs the other executives that his apartment is no longer available for their use, they express dismay "Where Can You Take a Girl? Meanwhile, Sheldrake wonders why he is drawn to affairs "Wanting Things". The scene shifts to the company Christmas party, where everyone is enjoying themselves "Turkey Lurkey Time".

Miss Olsen, Sheldrake's secretary, reveals to Fran that she is simply the latest in a long line of Sheldrake's mistresses. The first-act curtain falls as Fran is driven to misery "A House is Not a Home" in the revival , and Chuck discovers that Fran is the one Sheldrake has been taking to his apartment. A despondent Chuck spends Christmas Eve trying to drink away his troubles at a bar, where he meets another tipsy lonelyheart, Marge MacDougall, who agrees to come back to his apartment "A Fact Can Be a Beautiful Thing".

In the meantime, at Chuck's apartment, Fran confronts Mr. Sheldrake about his earlier affairs. While he admits to the affairs, he declares his love for Fran, but tells her that he must leave in order to catch his train home to spend Christmas Eve with his family. When Chuck arrives with Marge, he discovers Fran on his bed. After quickly disposing of Marge, a frantic Chuck gets his neighbor, Dr.

Dreyfuss, to come over and together they save her life. The next morning Chuck calls Sheldrake to let him know what happened. Sheldrake says he can't leave for the city without his wife knowing and asks Chuck to take care of Fran "Christmas Day". Kirkeby, one of Chuck's former 'clients', discovers that Fran has been staying at Chuck's apartment, so as revenge for cutting him and the others off from using the apartment he tells Fran's overly protective brother where she has been staying.

Fran Kubelik Original. Tony Goldwyn. Sheldrake Original. Katie Finneran. Marge MacDougall Original.

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Dick Latessa. Dreyfuss Original.

Promises, Promises: Negotiating Achievable Commitments

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Burt Bacharach. Hal David. Billy Wilder. Based on the screenplay The Apartment by. View All Production Team. Pro Info First Preview. Mar 28 Opening Date. Apr 25 Closing Date. Jan 2 View Playbill Pro. Inside The Playbill. These pressures were bearing down on Zannino when he accepted an invitation from Rupert Murdoch to have breakfast on March 29th at the headquarters of the News Corporation, in midtown. The two men spent forty-five minutes or so talking about the media business until Murdoch, who can be alternately disarming or brusque, paused to look at Zannino, who, at forty-eight, is nearly thirty years his junior, and announced that he wanted to buy Dow Jones.

Murdoch believed that News Corp.

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  6. It had cash—little debt, revenues of twenty-eight billion dollars, and assets valued at close to seventy billion dollars—and could strengthen the Journal , not just in America but worldwide. Murdoch said that he was prepared to pay sixty dollars a share for a stock that was trading at about thirty-six dollars a share.

    Kann, who was retiring as chairman of the Dow Jones board in April, and with whom he had a frosty relationship; to the incoming chairman, M. Murdoch made the proposal formal on April 17th. Most senior news executives are always involved in planning. And he overdid it. He should have seemed more balanced.

    Murdoch believed that his offer was so generous that early potential rivals—the Washington Post Company, G. As it turned out, Pearson and G. There are twelve nonfamily-related members on the board, but the Bancrofts retain a majority of class-B shares, which have a ten-to-one voting power over class-A shares. At first, the family announced its opposition to Murdoch, and, as it had the previous fall, refused to meet with him. This has been a consistent stance. In late , when I talked to members of the family, they told me that if they were going to sell they preferred an organization like the Washington Post Company, and that Murdoch was the last person they would sell to.

    But within Dow Jones there was both ambivalence and anger. He worried that Dow Jones was too small, and Murdoch too big; he hoped that the Journal could stay independent, but feared it could not; he hoped that News Corp. The Journal demonstrated that independence with two recent front-page stories. The first, on June 2nd, explored the competence, confusion, and disarray of the Bancrofts.

    In the process, Mr. Murdoch has blurred a line that exists at many other U.

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    If Murdoch was bad for journalism, however, he was clearly good for business. He had built News Corp. By contrast, Dow Jones had suffered from decades of management that encouraged good journalism but did not protect the business that employed its journalists. Under two former journalists who rose to become C. In hopeful moments, the newsroom believed that News Corp. As the narrative of battle proceeded, Murdoch deployed his charm.

    He sent an e-mail to Steiger on April 20th, assuring him of his high regard for the news operation that Steiger had led since ; of the positive things he had heard about Brauchli; and of his belief in maintaining the wall between opinion and news. He vowed to appoint a Bancroft to the News Corp. He said that he would be willing to establish an independent board to assure that editors were free from his whims—promises he has made, and broken, elsewhere.

    Whatever his commercial successes, he has never produced a great newspaper, and he seems to value even a trophy property like the Times of London less for its prestige than for its influence—its power to help sway elections, to promote his political ideas, and to protect his corporate interests. Murdoch can take substantial credit for the tide of vulgarity that now floods the U. McPherson suggested that Zannino should be included. Elefante decided that no one from management would attend.

    At the meeting, which took place on June 4th, Murdoch was joined by his son James, who is thirty-four, the C.

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    The four-hour session reportedly did not address what News Corp. Instead, discussion focussed on whether Murdoch could be trusted to keep his distance from news coverage, and what kind of independent board could assure this.

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    The Bancrofts wanted a board that the family would control in perpetuity, with the power to hire and fire the editors and the publishers, and leverage to protect employees from Murdoch—an extraordinary proposition. He proposed a board like the one he had established for the Times of London and the Sunday Times , where of the fifteen members only seven have no ties to News Corp.

    In London, the Times board rarely meets, and is reliant for much of its information on Murdoch. No outside board can tame any owner, a former Sunday Times investigative reporter, Bruce Page, told me. You must make your decisions. It is better to have bad decisions rather than no decisions. During ten days in his offices, I attended meetings, witnessed negotiations, listened to his phone calls, and conducted about twenty hours of taped interviews with him.