The Mumba Petition, An International Legal Thriller by Oliver Sands

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But was it? Did Dr. Mumba discover a vaccine for cancer as he and his American business partner claimed, or was the discovery something more coveted? More importantly, where is the formula? Was it destroyed during the explosion? Adding to the mystery is evidence tampering, the murder of Dr. If you prefer using Kindle, Ipad or any other reader, click here to download it from Amazon.

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The book was released on July 23, Be the first to download your copy. Mumba discover a vaccine for cancer as he and his American business partner claimed, or was the discovery more significant as the Congolese government contended? Adding to the mystery is evidence tampering, the death of Dr. As an erotica novel, it contains explicit sex scenes and graphic language.

It is for adult only readers who like their action sweaty, steamy and super hot! For Amazon in the US, click Here. Attorney Mark Stone has weeks, if not days, to locate the file and find out. However, no one who has seen the content of the file has lived to tell about it. Mark your Calendar. It is quite safe to say that nuclear energy plant is new to most Asian countries, with exception are Japan, South Korea, India, China and Taiwan although there were talks on nuclear projects in the past.

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The Mumba Petition, An International Legal Thriller by Oliver Sands

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