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Redcar: how the end of steel left a tragic legacy in a proud town

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History of the Red Car

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If a driver has a history of getting speeding tickets on a regular basis, in other words, that person just likes to drive fast, the car's exterior color doesn't have anything to do with it. There are a lot of variables when it comes to calculating car insurance rates, and the car's exterior color just doesn't factor into the equation. So why is this myth so persistent? Well, it's closely tied to the widespread belief that drivers of red cars are pulled over for speeding more often than the other cars on the road, and that the driver of a red car is more likely to actually get a ticket after being pulled over.

Insurance companies are pretty forthcoming about the fact that, yes, they will absolutely raise rates because of excessive speeding, because it's an indication of irresponsible or dangerous driving behavior. Some insurers say rates won't increase until after the second speeding ticket, but others will come looking for more money soon after the first one.

If this happens to you, it isn't because your car is red. It's because you got nailed for speeding probably more than once in a car that just so happens to be red. And if you still believe you're being unfairly penalized by your insurance company for having a red car you're not , it might be worth shopping around for rate comparisons.