Top Ten Things: Every Bride Should Do When Planning Her Wedding

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Simple things that are easy to forget in the wedding madness and excitement, that's why we made a checklist for you! Easy peasy thing to remember to carry to the venue or the salon, which you can prep the night before and keep ready! Here's Yours! BY Sakshi Saxena 13 Dec, Ensure your lehenga is taken out of the box and hung on the hanger so that any creases can be taken care of.

Carry it on the hanger in the morning. Hair pins and safety pins Double sided tape For those of you wearing slightly low cut blouses An emergency kit needles, thread, bandaids and small scissors Phone charger Ensure your "Bride to Wife" bag is ready. This is the bag you need for your overnight stay incase your first night is at a hotel.

It should have stuff like Makeup Remover and cotton pads Pyjama's Your night time routine essentials Change of clothes for the next day Your moisturiser and makeup for the next day Shoes for the next day, cos you can't wear the same heels you were wearing. Allocate someone else to do the running around the vendors for you, like say your brother or sister.

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Make sure they have a good idea of who's who and all the important numbers. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin softly before your wedding day This will be very helpful. Great content. Thank you for your post. These tips will be very helpful for our beloved brides and future brides. Hi Ngina i love this conversation. Am now one month and two weeks practicing celibacy.

Ihad suffered masturbation for 11 years and so i decided to take it slow. Am just 22 i had to learn how to pray and i asked God to just help me be pure again.

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Igot a miscarriage early this year and took it positively that may be God had a purpose for me to retrace my steps. I decided to let go of masturbation and wait for sex until marriage and trusting God will grant me my wishes according to his grace. God is faithful so far. Hello Evelyn, I am thrilled by your decision to cling to God. Just like you do, I believe in His faithfulness to keep you, as you rely on him. God bless and thank you for sharing your journey.

I agree about getting a mentor and reading some good manuals. Waiting until you are married is often preached at women who never get more information than that. Their church and even parents just assume the wedding ring will magically imbue the newlyweds with magnificent sexual prowess. Nice story. What should you do, then? Were you born knowing how to walk?

Things Needed for Planning a Wedding: A Complete Checklist

Ride a bike? Sex is the same way. Trust me — it WILL improve with practice. Embrace the unknown. Share your worries and hopes with your spouse. You can get through this together. Explore what you like, what you feel, talk your way through it. Enjoy the simplicity of a touch here and there. Get some good lube, and make using it part of the act.

HH, it is like you read my inbox! And I love your tips! Thank you for taking time to share them. Bless you! I was one of those virgin brides who thought I saved myself for this? Sadly, very little improved and our sex life has been a huge disappointment for many,many years. I hope no one puts up with what I have experienced. I am so sorry intimacy has been a disappointment. You can read my blog posts on sex in marriage here.

Thank you for the advice. We have waited for that special night its been hard but i know is worth it.

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10 Things Every Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding Night - Marriage Missions International

So God has give us grace to remain pure. My dream is to one day encourage other couples to stay pure till marriage. Everything is possible with God. Thank you for your work. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Diana! So happy for you! I am blessed by your testimony; indeed it is His grace and His grace alone that keeps and sustains us! I am cheering you on on your desire to encourage others!

Many blessings! Ngina I need help! I love my husband so much and I just feel that I am weird. I am so sorry Diana! No, you are not weird! I have just finished writing my wedding night book based on this post and most of the ladies I interviewed confirmed they experienced some level of discomfort, ranging from mild to severe, on their wedding night, and on wards.

First 5 Things to Do When Planning Your Wedding⎟Wedding Planning Tips

And I also talk to ladies who haven;t been able to consummate their marriage for quite a while because of pain and other factors. So take heart dear, you are not alone. Much much hope! Please do! You are not alone girl, I am cheering you on and believing God will come through for you and hubby. If you want to, you can hit me up via email using my contact form to chat some more. Keep up the good work! Just to say that sex WAS painful for me at the beginning, very painful.

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  • It took several weeks for that to go away. New husbands need to be patient, gentle, and understanding or your new wife will start to associate sex with feeling hurt physically AND emotionally. I agree with you, Lisa. Takes patience and understanding and reassurance from the groom. Thank you for sharing.

    Thanks for writing Ngina. My my my. This article gave me all I needed. I stop with yours. I will relax. I laughed alot through reading. Hahahaha hahahaha Hallelujah somebody. This is awesome. Thank you. I needed this. So glad the post was helpful, Belle! I am still a virgin but I know that Lifeway Christian Stores carrya lot of books on marriage, sex in marriage and so forth. And if you are not too sure what to look for than ask a sale associate for assistance. Lots of women struggle with intercourse on their wedding night and throughout their marriage.

    That can be an awful burden for a couple. God wants healthy marriages, and he created sex to be a part of that.