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She pulls her in close until their pussies kiss.

Dina and Alice sway rhythmically, rocking and tribbing until Alice has a shuddering cum. Suddenly, Alice comes back to the surface, relieved to be in the arms of her true love. Alice clutches Dina and begs forgiveness.

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She just wanted to prove that she's a real lesbian. But we're all better now. Aphrodite's spell is unbounded. Dislike 7. Clairvoyance: BTS Featurette. Dislike 0. Clairvoyance: Part Three. Description : Dahlia and Samantha have finally made it to Utah to the site of the convergence of the three natural lines of power where Charlotte is trapped between worlds. Dahlia casts the circle with candles, making sure to warn Samantha that the circle is a powerful protection barrier. If she happens to find herself outside the circle, there's nothing that Dahlia will be able to do to help her.

Dahlia unsheathes her book of shadows and starts reading from its pages. Moments later Samantha can see Charlotte appear, and Dahlia continues to chant until Charlotte is presented in full form before them. Dahlia's spell has worked well so far, but they will require Samantha's help to lend them more power to complete the spell in order to send Charlotte to summer land so she can be at peace. Samantha shows her eagerness to help, and Charlotte recalls the prophecy that confirms the moon goddess's approval for the three to have coitus in order to acquire that power.

Samantha peels off her top and inches closer like a sly lesbian cat to Charlotte's sopping wet pussy.

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Samantha uses her tongue to tease Charlotte, who must have her sexual rage pent up after all this time on the other side. Dahlia makes out with her soul mate, and soon Samantha has her screaming.

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It's clear as they writhe together in a heap of lesbian love that the energy levels are beginning to rise once again just as their lesbian orgasms approach full power. The three beautiful powerful women take turns screaming and writhing against one another, eating out one another's sweet wet pussies and tribbing, even sitting on each other's faces to suck the energy from the atmosphere into their bodies to be able to cum. Dahlia and Charlotte say their one last goodbye as they use the power to fade into the afterlife, finally achieving the outcome they were so hopeful for.

Clairvoyance: Part Two. Description : Dahlia's story about Charlotte and the binding spell leaves Samantha dumbfounded. Sure, she sees ghosts but to believe that magic exists is beyond her ability. Dahlia is eager to show the hypocrite Samantha that Magic is real, so instead of battling over whether magic is real or not, Dahlia leans forward and heals Samantha's hurt leg. Samantha is astonished, but when she notices that Dahlia is weakened, she's surprised to hear that magic comes with a cost. That nothing comes from nothing.

Dahlia explains that Charlotte is waiting for them and that she needs Samantha's power to see the dead in order to communicate. Dahlia rushes to get on the flight to Utah to make contact, but nearly forgets how weak she is and tumbles. Samantha suggests they rest-off the magic and go tomorrow, but Dahlia is adamant that Charlotte has been waiting too long. Samantha asks if there's another way, and Dahlia leans in to kiss her passionately.

Samantha is taken aback by her forwardness, seeing as Charlotte is her soul mate. Dahlia explains that sex magic has the power to heal and Samantha no longer has any issues. Dahlia leans in again to plant a kiss on Samantha, slowly gaining her strength. They move to the bedroom as things heat up and before long Samantha's top is off, and Dahlia is worshiping her soft untouched body. They writhe their lesbian bodies together as they make out, and soon, Dahlia's hunger for Samantha's naive pussy leads her to eat her sweet pussy out.

They trib as they get closer and closer to their lesbian orgasms. Samantha finally gets a chance to taste Dahlia's sweet divine pussy, using her tongue piercing to stimulate Dahlia's clit with the lust she's had pent up all these years. In 69 they inch closer to their orgasms, feeling the energy run through their bodies in a cycle from mouth to pussy until they both cum, screaming at the top of their lesbian lungs.

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Dahlia Sky , Samantha Hayes. Clairvoyance: Part One. Description : Samantha Hayes has always wondered what it would be like to be normal and not see dead people all the time. She's dedicated her life to trying to document the wacky things she sees through the lens of a camera, and on video. She is a proud member of Ghost Hunter Girls, and shares her struggle online. One day Dahlia Skywalker pipes up on chat to get a hold of Samantha, even saying she'll fly across the country in order to meet her.

Sure enough Dahlia Shows up the very next day, even though Samantha questions her new lesbian friend's intentions. Dahlia explains that she's a wiccan. Samantha is surprised there are others like her out there and intently listens to Dahlia's story. Dahlia tells Samantha of Charlotte Stokely, her long time best friend and lesbian lover and all the amazing adventures they'd had.

Dahlia even shares one of their more intimate experiences where Charlotte and her made a pact, and cast a binding spell to always be with one another, in life or in death. Charlotte's dark magic surely spun them a twisted fate, but Dahlia gets caught up in telling the intimate story of how they made love to consummate their binding ritual.

Charlotte and Dahlia gently kissed, and peeled off one another's clothes in order to enjoy their delicious wet wiccan pussies and even played and learnt to control with the energy in their bodies, in order to give each other some of the most incredibly gratifying lesbian orgasms they've ever had. Dahlia Sky , Charlotte Stokely. Dahlia Sky , Kalina Ryu. Categories : Girl on Girl. The Reunion.

Description : Lesbian lovers Kalina Ryu and Dahlia Sky cannot wait to reunite and with all the Skype dates and love letters it just isn't enough to satisfy their sexual needs. Dahlia drops her bags as she enters Kalina's home jumping into her lover's arms, never to let go.

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They kiss passionately not wasting a moment to taste each other's eager pussies. Dahlia kisses Kalina's small boobs and makes her way down her soft skinned body toward her shaved Asian pussy. She licks her tasty tight hole in a circular motion and with Kalina all wet, begins to finger fuck her pussy.

Dahlia takes off her clothes making it her turn to be pampered sexually. Kalina opens her mouth and swirls her tongue delicately over her lesbian lover's hole until they begin tribbing vigorously back and forth with multiple exciting orgasms promising one another they will never leave each other's comfort ever again! Pictures with Dahlia Sky.

Dislike 1. Lesbian Hot Wifing. Vegas Sins: Part Four. It was wide released in the U. The reaction by film critics was mixed. In his scathing review for The New York Times , Vincent Canby criticized the screenplay as "unimaginative", described its characters as having "so little life", and the film as lacking a "voice or style of its own", but did add that it "is so earnest and sincere that it deserves an A for deportment".

In the review for The Body Politic , Ed Jackson said the screenplay was "spiked with hilarious one-liners", described the love scene as "a luminous study in gentle eroticism, almost painfully intimate", and the film as "a treat that is both soft-centred and sugar-coated", "handsome, well-constructed", and "much more dense than the simple propaganda that it might at first resemble. Deitch's film is a passionate, beautifully controlled drama about making choices and exercising the heart: in a word, about living.


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In his seminal critical study about homosexuality in the movies, The Celluloid Closet , film historian Vito Russo wrote: " Desert Hearts is a love story that recreates with perceptiveness and tenderness what it might have been like for two women of different generations and backgrounds to fall in love in the Fifties Deitch's refusal to feature the straight world's reaction to lesbianism as the focus of her film made all the difference in the way the relationship between the women was perceived by audiences.

This is the point at which many heterosexual critics disqualify themselves from perceptively reviewing gay films. Desert Hearts was the only lesbian film out of nine films selected for screening at the first London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in With the passage of time, Desert Hearts has gained recognition for its quality and impact on lesbian cinema. In , The Sydney Morning Herald declared, "Donna Deitch's Desert Hearts is widely regarded as one of the best and most significant mainstream fiction films about lesbians.

Helen Shaver revealed that screen legend Greta Garbo was so impressed with her performance in the film that they attempted to meet but due to Garbo's poor health instead talked over the phone.

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Lesbian literary critic Camille Paglia praised the film for its "riveting performances", having seen it 11 times in theaters. She claimed that Patricia Charbonneau's "magic" came from hormonal glow, as she had found out she was pregnant before shooting began. Actress Jane Lynch said she had never "seen in celluloid such real passion and desire between two women" and had watched the video "over 50 times".

Prince, author and executive director of North Jersey Pride, wrote in that Desert Hearts "was refreshingly different, not only because the characters weren't psychotic, but also because it didn't end in depressing, unrequited love For a coming-out movie, it's as good as it gets.

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  5. In an assessment of lesbian genre films since the s, Slate said the film was "immensely popular with lesbian audiences" and earned " cult classic status Ruby Rich , conversations between Donna Deitch and film crew plus Jane Lynch, and the audio commentary by Deitch included in the release by Wolfe Video.