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Anti-immigration movements are sweeping across the nation. He said people seem afraid that the face of Canada is changing as newcomers come from around the globe — not just from Europe. Aluma said much of the talk around "illegal immigration" confuses the concept of illegality. He asked if a person should tell that woman she should have taken the time to ask if she may enter through the gate. He said once asylum seekers "jump the fence" — arriving in Canada by any means necessary — they must still deal with the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

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The Tran family fled the communist regime in their native Vietnam in They were among people crammed onto a boat designed to hold She sat between her siblings Wendy and Bruce, who also took the journey in They were 10, 13 and 14 at the time. The family had heard of the dangers of the sea and didn't know how to swim, but they were desperate for a better life.

The siblings remember dolphins and whales appearing alongside their vessel as they neared the UN refugee camp on Pulau Tengah, a Malaysian island. They spent 13 months at the refugee camp before most of them were sponsored to go to Canada.

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Tran said the sponsorship was "the best thing that ever happened in their lives. They arrived to Canada in They spoke limited English but were full of gratitude for a "second chance at life. The Trans spent their first two years in Yorkton. They remember running outside to see snow fall for the first time. They put the foreign substance in their mouths.

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They even froze their feet as they walked ten blocks to school in sandals during the first winter — not yet understanding the dangers of frostbite. Bruce said some kids made fun of them or picked small fights, but the siblings also remember tender moments and funny memories as they learned to navigate the English language.

You know you come in and you follow the rules and live peacefully. She eventually moved back to Uganda and was deeply affected by her experiences both in the camp and after. Aluma had already sponsored his wife Lydia's immigration to Canada. The pair decided they would adopt his sister's sons.

They've been working since , when the boys were three and five, to bring them here. International adoption is complicated and there were problems with documentation.

The biological fathers were obviously not in the picture and there were no birth or death certificates. Aluma said this made certain aspects reliant on their word. There have been immense legal and financial challenges, but he and his wife haven't given up. They hope to have the boys by summer's end. Aluma's struggles have led him to believe that "nothing that is beautiful and great comes easy.

Patrick Fernandez knows how difficult it can be to navigate the bureaucracy that comes with immigration.

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Both he and his wife are now permanent residents, but Fernandez said it was challenging to navigate the immigration system and described it as trying to go through "the hole of a needle. He remembers spending long hours scrutinizing his documents to ensure accuracy. The English proficiency test was also challenging. Fernandez's first six months in Regina were dark. He knew coming in he would be sacrificing the reputation he had built as as an artist in the Philippines, but it was still difficult when it happened.

He was overcome with loneliness and sadness, unable to find representation as an artist. Fernandez has since found a supportive community in Regina. He's explored the idea of home through his art. It's a feeling that you are wanted," he said. He and his wife now have a five-month old daughter. Three of their family of seven children would be born in Canada. She enjoyed writing and her poetry and stories appeared in the Armaranth, the 1st magazine of New Brunswick. Her works appeared with the signature style of the day as wither Mrs. B or as Emily B. In the family sailed to settle in England.

She intended the work to be a handbook of prospective settlers. In the Beavan family sailed for Melbourne to finally settle in Australia. Sources: Dictionary of Canadian Biography V. As a child living in small town Quebec Andrea enjoyed the freedom of a vivid imagination and the outdoors. Her mother took the family to live in Montreal when Andrea was 11 and she was not impressed with the city.

Although she works as a registered Clinical Consultant her imagination and love of drawing could not be shelved. She actually founded a toy business making stuffed animals like moose and beavers. She began writing stories and when Elliot was sent to the Kids Can Press he was an instant success with the publisher and with readers. Elliot even has his own TV show! IN she was forced to rest and recuperate from two minor automobile accidents. By she was back to writing and drawing and Pierre le Poof, a poodle dog with an attitude came alive and also very popular with the young readers.

Andrea has enjoyed traveling to such places as the rainforest in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe England and Russia making her travels a fertile ground to be background for stores. Andrea has two sons and lives in Unionville, Ontario, just east of Toronto.

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Sources: Andre Beck. Lily Adams Beck E. Born ? Died January 3, She traveled to Asia and the Orient but did not begin to write until and was 1st published in She wrote under several pen names and became well known under all the names she used: E. During her career she would write almost thirty books published in Toronto, Boston, New York and London. Many of her books were set in the Orient. Born Shorten, Dorsetshire , England. Died April 19, Ethel and her family immigrated to Canada when she was an infant.

A loan helped to buy seed, manure and fertilizers for tomato and pepper crops.

Settling in Collinwood , Ontario, young Ethel was writing for the Collingwood Bulletin while still in school. She would attend the University of Toronto. Graduating in she taught at the Ontario Ladies College in Whitby, Ontario before she married in and moved to teach in Pennsylvania. She also penned stories for Children for Discovery Magazine.

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Born March 21, Died November 24, She is best remembered as Madame Benoit. This food consultant turned to TV as a medium to explain Canadian cuisine to her home and native land. She also published some 30 books to generate interest in her field. She studied at the Cordon Bleu and held a degree as a food chemist from the Sorbonne in France.

She also opened one of the 1st Canadian vegetarian restaurants, the Salad Bar in She became a proponent of microware cooking and was hired as salesperson for Panasonic Microwaves. In she became an Officer of the Order of Canada. Died June 17, Kamloops, British Columbia. They were married in a traditional ceremony even though he was already married to his 1 st wife.

She would convince him to give up trapping and publish his writings for which he became famous. The couple had one daughter Shirley Dawn born in They were separated two years before his death when it was revealed that he was not a Native American but a British citizen by the name of Archie Belaney. She always remained committed to conservation and animal rights.

In she was inducted as a member of the Order of Canada. Died May 1, Kitchener, Ontario.