What Is Justification By Faith

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And it is not repentance that saves me— repentance is only the sign that I realize what God has done through Christ Jesus. The danger here is putting the emphasis on the effect, instead of on the cause. Is it my obedience, consecration, and dedication that make me right with God? It is never that! I am made right with God because, prior to all of that, Christ died.

When I turn to God and by belief accept what God reveals, the miraculous atonement by the Cross of Christ instantly places me into a right relationship with God. The salvation that comes from God is not based on human logic, but on the sacrificial death of Jesus. We can be born again solely because of the atonement of our Lord. The unconquerable safety of justification and sanctification is God Himself.

We do not have to accomplish these things ourselves— they have been accomplished through the atonement of the Cross of Christ. It is not what a man does that is of final importance, but what he is in what he does. The atmosphere produced by a man, much more than his activities, has the lasting influence. Baffled to Fight Better, 51 L. Bible in a Year: Jeremiah ; 2 Timothy 2. Donate Subscribe.

Why is justification by faith such an important doctrine?

Sign in. Back to menu. Username or Email. Remember me Forget? At least the Jews could console themselves in the fact that Abraham was a Jew, and not a Gentile. If Abraham was saved as a Jew, then could the Jews not insist that every man must be saved as a Jew cf.

What does justification by faith mean?

Acts f. Paul strikes this hope down by showing that Abraham was declared righteous while yet a Gentile. At first glance we might be inclined to think that verses are intended to prove that Abraham was saved by faith and not by works; specifically, not by the rite of circumcision. Although this is true, it is not the main point Paul is striving to prove.

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The point which Paul is driving at is the universality of justification by faith and that it is not for the Jews only, but for Gentiles. Was Abraham saved as a Jew or as a Gentile? Was Abraham declared righteous as one who was circumcised or as uncircumcised? Abraham, in Genesis , was declared righteous on the basis of faith fourteen years before he was circumcised compare Genesis with Technically, then, Abraham was saved as a Gentile, and not as a Jew, for he did not enter Judaism by circumcision, nor did he have the Law to keep.

What a blow to the Jew who maintained that one could not be saved without becoming a Jew by circumcision and keeping the Law Acts !

Are we justified by faith (Romans) or by works (James)?

What, then, is the value of circumcision? It is a symbolic testimony to what has happened inwardly in the man who has been justified by faith. The mere presence of an inspection sticker on your car does not make that car road-worthy, but it does represent in a visible fashion its road-worthiness. On the other hand, putting an inspection sticker on a car with bald tires, a faulty muffler, and no brakes will be of little help in hazardous driving conditions.

Circumcision was a seal which attested to the faith of Abraham.

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It signified that he was righteous in the eyes of God. He is the father of those who are justified by faith and have not been initiated into Judaism and of all believers who are also Jews. In verses I see a slight shift of emphasis. The Jews were not only seeking individual righteousness and justification before God, but also participation in experiencing the promises of God to Israel as a nation. In verses Paul makes it plain that just as justification is attained by faith, so are the promises of God realized by faith.

There would be no need for faith if men became heirs through the Law, and the promise would be null and void, for the only thing the Law can produce is wrath and condemnation Romans , So that God can work in accord with the principle of grace, and so that men may have confidence of experiencing the promises of God, it is based upon faith and not on Law Since the blessings of God are based upon faith and not on Law-keeping, they are assured to those who are of the Law Jews and those who are not Gentiles , through faith in Jesus Christ.

Once again, Abraham is the father of us all, that is of us all who believe by faith in Jesus Christ. So we must grant that everything we receive from God must be on the basis of faith, but was not the faith of Abraham vastly different from the faith required today? Not at all, Paul informs us, for it was a faith precisely like that required today. With this Paul does not agree, for he makes it plain that it is the object of our faith that makes all the difference between heaven and hell.

So far as his chances of having a child, they were nil. He and Sarah were as good as dead. Yet Abraham trusted God to create something out of nothing, a son from an old man and a barren woman. Abraham also believed in a God Who could raise the dead. This is evident in his faith in the promise to have a son of his own loins and Sarah, for they were both as good as dead so far as producing children was concerned.

Either way, the point is that Abraham, in spite of tremendous human obstacles, trusted in God to do as He promised. His faith overlooked the obstacles and focused upon the object of faith, God.


Because of this kind of faith, Abraham was justified before God. For it is the same kind of faith which God requires of men today. We must trust God to provide righteousness apart and in spite of us as Abraham trusted God to fulfill the promise of a son. So, also, we must trust in a God who has power over death and the grave. So we must trust in Jesus Christ Who was raised from the dead. So the kind of faith required of Abraham is precisely the same kind of faith required of men today. The Law is in no way set aside, rather, it is reaffirmed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It should be clear that man can contribute nothing to his salvation. It is all of God; all of grace. And let us not make one last effort of claiming any part in our salvation by supposing that faith is our work, for even this is the gift of God cf. Only this week I talked with a man who felt that we must contribute something to our salvation.

By Oswald Chambers

When I work on the car and have grease on my hands, everything I touch is stained with grease also. When I come in with greasy hands, my wife quickly informs me not to touch anything until my hands are clean. If we try to approach God by means of the works of our hands, those works will be smudged with sin and unacceptable to God.

watch The answer to that prayer was not based upon our compliance with divine rules and regulations, but on faith.